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Family Gibbs; together with IKEA

The starting-point

Barry and Heather Gibbs have been living in their Suffolk home for over two years. Their house is a beautiful red brick renovation surrounded by a garden of pear and apple trees.

They wanted to install solar on the roof but were uneasy about buying a system from an unknown supplier.

The background

The Gibbs family have been considering going solar since the move to their new home as they have a large south-facing roof at the back of their house.

What convinced them to invest was when their “dodgy” boiler broke and they replaced it with an air source heat pump - they realised that by installing solar they could use the solar electricity generated by the panels to power the pump.

Barry carried out some research and discovered that IKEA, together with Solarcentury, is now offering home solar PV via the in-store "Solar Shops".

The response

To generate an estimate, Barry used IKEA’s online calculator, which he found to be “easy and straight-forward”. He opted for a system with black panels and was pleased to receive a further 15% discount by signing up as an IKEA FAMILY member.

The installation process was quick - the whole system was up and running in a day. He was impressed by the service provided and was given peace of mind by the skilled installers.

Barry says, “I was concerned about the electrical cable being seen. The installer sat with me and we planned out the best route to run the cable through so it would be hidden."

Barry also opted for the Geo Solo III monitor which shows when the family are importing or exporting, indicates when to switch on appliances and will help them to make further savings by providing clear, simple to understand data.

The result

The Gibbs family had a 10 panel system installed in April 2016 and their Solo monitor helps to to track how much solar electricity the panels are generating each day.

Barry and his wife wanted the reassurance of going solar with a trusted brand. He is confident that his decision to buy from IKEA, together with Solarcentury, means he’s in safe hands.

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Together with IKEA

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