The solar you've been waiting for.

Great-looking, affordable and utterly reliable.

The solar you've been waiting for.

Great-looking, affordable and utterly reliable.

Make a great investment

Sunstation could save you thousands over its lifetime, and earn you an income too.

Costing no more than standard home solar panels, and giving you the same great return on investment, Sunstation is an astute financial decision.

  • Generate your own, free electricity – gaining control and cutting your bills.
  • Make a tax-free income from the government’s feed-in tariff.
  • Get paid for surplus electricity you sell back to the grid.

Great looking

Forget about ungainly residential solar panels, Sunstation is a great-looking system that blends in beautifully, so that you’re proud to have it on your home.

In fact, if you’re looking to upgrade your house, this is one of the quickest and most painless ways.

  • It sits flush with your roof tiles, not on them – so it’s a seamless part of the roof itself.
  • The framework is hidden, integrated into your roof.
  • It’s black and sleek – so it blends in and your house looks as good as ever.

Great-looking solar is now available for people who want to generate their own energy and reduce their energy bills, whilst maintaining the character of the home.

“If you’ve been put off by traditional solar panels before, your worries are alleviated. We are fussy about the detail of our home that my wife designed but Sunstation does not compromise the clean lines. Installing Sunstation also allows us to do our bit for the environment, and be thrifty.”

Designer Wayne Hemingway, MBE of HemingwayDesign

Want Sunstation for your home? Or have a question?

You can buy Sunstation through our partner IKEA. Call us now on 0800 334 5996.

Secure energy

With Sunstation, you’re independent of soaring electricity costs and your energy supply is secure.

  • While electricity providers may hike up their prices at any time with little warning, the sun keeps shining for free – guaranteed, every day, forever.
  • Sunstation produces energy from daylight, so it still works on overcast days.
  • Solar is the future: a Shell report said it could become the biggest energy source within 50 years. Don’t just take our word for it!…

Generating your own free electricity and cutting your carbon footprint, you’re in control!

Guaranteed to last

Your Sunstation comes with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty. That’s how confident we are of its quality.

  • It’s designed by some of Europe’s top solar innovators, at Solarcentury – a business that’s won multiple awards, including the IF DESIGN AWARDS.
  • It’s designed with expert input from structural engineers, installers and architects.
  • Our engineers have worked tirelessly to make every component to the highest standard. The solar modules themselves are manufactured by JA Solar, who is among the top recommended brands in Europe and recently
    received the “Top Brand PV” seal of approval.
  • Prototype after prototype has been tested against extreme weather conditions.

So you can relax in the knowledge that you have a solid and robust system; solar power you can trust.

Is your roof suitable for Sunstation?

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