SolarAid is the international development charity we established in 2006.

When we set up Solarcentury we wanted to be different: to do business with a social conscience and be innovative in using solar for social good. One of our first decisions was to establish SolarAid and pledge 5% of our annual profit to its work. Although 5% feels practically painless, we’ve been astounded by the global step-change our donation has triggered.

SolarAid’s goal is to eradicate the brutally expensive kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020, by getting affordable solar lamps into remote rural regions. According to Lighting Africa, SolarAid’s trading subsidiary SunnyMoney is now the largest seller of solar lights on the continent, selling 30% of all solar lights in Kenya and 70% in Tanzania.

Locking millions into poverty, toxic and dangerous kerosene lamps give poor-quality light and pose a frightening health risk. By contrast, a $10 solar lamp pays back in a month, unlocking vital money for health, education and farming – and beaming out clean, free light for years.

Solarcentury is proud to support SolarAid in this staggering endeavour. We give of our time as well as our profits. And in return, SolarAid gives us an endlessly renewable sense of purpose.

Turn on the lights for SolarAid

How about an alternative gift - solar lamps; very handy around the house, camping with the kids, or on the hop.

Each light you buy will:

  • get two more lights into rural Africa
  • help two families out of poverty
  • eradicate three deadly kerosene lamps from homes.

Buy a solar lamp...

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